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Canal Connect 2021

Canal Connect 2021

The exhibition MÀQUINA LOCA is the first of a serie of exhibitions around machines created for CANAL CONNECT at Teatros del Canal. The show is a tour of art installations that highlights the uniqueness, the paradoxes and the poetry of an age marked by its relationship with technology. Machines and the sentiments they awaken, between fear and admiration, have profoundly changed how we relate to the world and are an incalculable source of inspiration for artists.

mentalKLINIK: Bitter Medicine #02.
Louis Philippe Rondeau: Liminal
Boris Petrovsky: TRUEFALSE / Reflex /Trigger 

Justine Emard: Supraorganism
So Kanno: Lasermice
Katerina Undo: Creature Cluster
Li Yi-fan: Important message.mp4
A Two dogs compagny // Kris Verdonck //: ISOS 

Stanza: Nemesis Machine
Gregory Chatonsky: Internes

Anaisa Franco, Lot Amoros: Love synthetiser
Ujoo + limheeyoung: Machine with hair caught in it / Machine with pink
Rocio Berenguer: LITHOSYS
Doug Rosman: Self Contained
Malachi Farrell: The Chair II
Jonathan Pêpe: Haruspices
Dries Depoorter: Jaywalking, Quick Fix, Surveillance Speaker

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