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CANAL CONNECT 2022. Dias de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnologica

CANAL CONNECT 2022. Dias de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnologica

Like Edison, the guest artists seek to think about those forms that elude us, beyond reality and how it is perceived. They play around with the death of privacy, give substance to our digital identities distributed like waves in the heavens, reconsider our modes of connection, invent new languages between man, nature and machines, propose varied, strange or extravagant life forms.

Mediums and demiurges successively - with their instruments made of sounds and lights - seek to recreate life, to transfigure death, picking up signals from the afterlife or from the heavens, they never cease to delve into the eternal secret of life.

Felix Luque Sanchez: Chapter One, DWI Modular

Filipe Villas Boas: Carryng the Cross, Mixed Feeling, RIP, The Notification Bell, My time is on fire, The punishment

Véronique Béland: Haunted Telegraph, As we are Blind

Thierry Fournier: Ungrave

Cécile Babiole: Bzzz le son de l’électricité

Benjamin Vandewalle:  Inter-Face, Micro-Sphere

Les petites planètes: Unus Mundus

Evi Keller: Matière-Lumière

dailytlj: I heard there was a secret Chord

Claire Williams: Zoryas, les aethers

Esther Denis: L’étant

Joris Strijbos & Nicky Assmann: Fading Shadowss

Golnaz Behrouznia_ Dominique Peysson: PHYLOGENESE-INVERSE

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